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Blissful Nights z4 Adjustable Base- Zero Clearance Designed for Storage Beds

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Size: Twin XL
Adjust The Way You Sleep on Storage/Platform Beds

Lay down our z4 Adjustable Base on top of the slats on your bed to experience zero clearance comfort like never before.
Our enhanced adjustable bases were designed to provide ultimate enjoyment, comfort, and convenience. This multi-feature adjustable base contains massage vibrations and dual USB ports. Included in the package, you'll find a back-lit wireless remote complete with memory buttons to memorize your favorite positions.



• USB Ports (Charge your devices comfortably!)

• Memory Buttons

• Under-bed Light

• Massage Vibrations

• Head and Foot Incline

• Wireless Remote

• Flat Position

• Premium Steel Build

• Fits Most Bed Frames


    Setting Up Your Base

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 305 reviews
    B. Haywood
    Great Buy! Saved a Lot of Money!

    My husband and had no idea how much we needed a better nights sleep. The z4 has definitely helped us. Instead of buying a new bed, we added a mattress topper to our older temper pedic, bought a platform bed frame (to have storage under the bed), and put the adjustable base on the top. We saved a lot of money! Then in a couple of years we can upgrade to a newer mattress and we will already have the frame. We will not have to buy the super expensive frames. We also love the massage feature. In other reviews, we read the massage feature was too loud. We feel it’s soothing and it helps us go to sleep. We could not be more happy with our purchase. We are more energized to go to work and we’re able to achieve this for under $1000 INSTEAD of buy a new mattress and the frame they suggest goes with the new bed. We would have spent over $3,000. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to us!


    Blissful Nights z4 Adjustable Base- Zero Clearance Designed for Storage Beds

    Does Everything for a fraction of the price

    My significant other and I decided to start our investment in our sleep habits so we spent over 5 months looking and researching mattress to include but not limited to Ghost, Casper, Sleep Number, Temperpedic, Mattress warehouse, Purple, and more and decided on a Sleep Number because we like that the bed can be adjusted and really liked the split top which allows her to read at night and for me to watch TNF, SNF, and MNF, while she sleeps and we don't need to stack pillows and be uncomfortable. Though I sleep hot and the temperpedic addressed that, the adjustable bed was more important. It also gave us the feel that we are not separated by a split down the whole bed. So we waited for the Labor Day weekend sale and identified the Sleep Number iLE which is usually $7000 for $3,500 and we went to purchase it. The issues is how do we mitigate the price of the Sleep Number bed which is $4000. Well enter Blissful nights!!! We originally did not see the Z4 as an option so we purchased an E4 and as a result we had to give up a storage bed frame my significant other reallllllly liked. Well a month later while looking online I see the z4 which allows for a storage bed so I called and spoke to Gabriel Carrillo from the Customer Support Team who was able to walk me through the steps. Since I threw away the boxed Mr. Carrillo suggested I order a the Z4 and then put the E4 in the box and FEDEX will pick it up from my house. Skeptical, but hoping for the best I purchased the Z4 and had two outstanding purchases. But like Mr. Carrillo stated, I set up the Z4 and put the E4 in the box and the next day FEDEX picked it up and about two weeks later I got my refund from the E4.

    Now We have the perfect bed frame, perfect base, and perfect mattress. So the price went from $11,000 down to $4850 and the ONLY difference between sleep number and the those base and this base does not have heated foot connector and doesn't lock to the base however the bed doesn't move on the base anyways and $2500+ for heated feet does NOT make sense to me. IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT GETTING A SLEEP NUMBER OR ANY MATTRESS, GET THIS BASE. Having had the E4 and the Z4, both will do what you need!!!!! Highly suggest this this base and company.

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