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14" Hybrid Copper Gel Infused Premium Memory Foam Mattress, Plush - BlissfulNights.com
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14" Ananda Temperature Regulating Pearl and Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress - Plush - BlissfulNights.com
13" Ananda Premium Hybrid Cooling - Temperature Regulating Pearl and Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress - Medium - BlissfulNights.com
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12" iSwitch Flippable Mattress, Medium-Firm / Medium-Soft - BlissfulNights.com
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12" Gel Infused Premium Memory Foam Mattress, Plush - BlissfulNights.com
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Discover the ultimate comfort with our collection of soft mattresses. Designed for those who love a plush, cushioning feel, these mattresses provide a luxurious sleeping surface that cradles your body in softness.

Blissful Nights Collection

Our range of soft mattresses comes in sizes. We offer a variety of materials including soft memory foam mattress, latex, and hybrids, all designed to provide the utmost comfort.

Immerse yourself in ultimate comfort with our soft mattresses. Explore our collection today and find a mattress that lets you sleep like never before.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Soft Mattress

Materials: Soft mattress choice depends on materials. Memory foam relieves pressure, latex is bouncy, innerspring is firm, and hybrids offer various softness levels.

Edge Support: Soft mattresses often lack proper edge support. Look for models with added foam encasement to prevent edge collapse and improve sitting and sleeping near the edge.

Spine Alignment: Consider your preferred sleeping position and the level of support needed. Softer mattresses work well for side sleepers but may not provide enough support for back or stomach sleepers.

Responsiveness: Soft mattresses can make you feel "stuck." Look for models with responsive foams to offer comfort and pressure relief while allowing ease of movement.

Temperature Control: Plush mattresses can trap heat. Look for cooling features like copper or gel-infused foams, or opt for latex or hybrid mattresses for better temperature regulation.

Durability: Softness doesn't equate to low quality. Ensure the mattress uses durable foams to prevent premature sagging.

Price: Research the best deals, consider buying during the holidays, and look for exclusive mattress coupons to get the best value for your soft mattress.

Soft Mattress FAQs

A soft mattress offers a high level of cushioning and plushness. It contours closely to your body, providing a cloud-like sleeping surface to help alleviate pressure points and deliver maximum comfort.

    Here are the benefits of a soft mattress:

    • Pressure Relief: Soft mattresses relieve pressure on your joints and muscles. They conform closely to your body, distributing weight evenly to reduce pressure points.
    • Ideal for Side Sleepers: If you're a side sleeper, a soft mattress can provide the cushioning needed for your shoulders and hips, helping to maintain proper spinal alignment.
    • Luxurious Comfort: There's nothing quite like the plush, luxurious feel of a soft mattress. It's like sleeping on a cloud!

    Soft mattresses may lead to back issues for back and stomach sleepers, especially those with more weight, and may cause discomfort for couples sharing the bed.

    With age, increased support for the lower back and joints is essential. A medium firm mattress provides the right balance, offering back support while alleviating pressure points and reducing aches and pains.

    Soft mattresses can be good for certain sleep preferences, such as side sleepers who benefit from the plush pressure relief. However, their suitability varies depending on individual needs and comfort preferences. It's essential to choose the best soft mattress that aligns with your unique sleep style and body type.