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Due to COVID-19, our shipping carriers have been extremely impacted and are experiencing significant delays. Our regular 3-7 business day deliveries can take up to 2-4 weeks. Due to the nature of our products being large and heavy, it requires additional manual handling at sorting facilities that are overburdened. This is not an isolated issue, the massive influx of online orders has inconvenienced many businesses and customers due to limited trailer capacities provided by our shipping carriers.

We genuinely want your merchandise to be delivered AS SOON AS POSSIBLE; we are using alternative carriers when available to keep our products heading your way.

We have received a lot of calls, messages, and complaints that a “shipping label has not been created”. We want to clear that up… We are printing ALL the shipping labels for the orders we receive each day and placing them on the items you’ve purchased. The delay in movement is due to the capacity limits carriers have put in place, allowing us only to ship limited products per day. The majority of the orders are sitting on our docks, some are at the carriers’ yard waiting to be unloaded and scanned. Once unloaded, you will see movement on the label.

If you would like to cancel your order, we understand this is a frustrating time. If you can wait for your merchandise, we thank you and greatly appreciate your patience.




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