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Great product!!!

We love our blissful nights zero clearance bed frame in our RV. I highly recommend this product.

Been searching all my life for this!!!!

I had to replace my adjustable base due to getting a storage bed and needing zero clearance. It works great. No issues. Would recommend.

My wife and I love our bed! Very happy with it and always get a good nights rest.

Excellent fit and comfort.

The sheets are very nice and fit our split king beds perfectly. They came out of the dryer practically wrinkle free.

The bed

I’m very satisfied with this product, great quality!!

Great Purchase!

Very supportive and comfortable at the same time. Wish I had purchased this mattress years ago.

Would Purchase Again

We love our beds purchasing 2 Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattresses. Very comfortable!

Exactly as described

I got this bed after searching far and wide for a low profile bed. I wanted an adjustable bed because I’m going to be having surgery and it will help with the recovery. This is perfect because I can screw on the extra leg pieces to make it taller during that time, then take them off to have it low again. Why do I want a very low bed? It is helpful for my dogs to get on and off the bed without injury.
The packaging for the bed was fully intact and nothing was damaged. Delivery guy was not happy though. It’s basically a queen platform folded in half….so the package is very large. The setup was not bad at all. I watched the video first. All the features work on it, though I must say my pets do not like the motor sound or the bed movement!

Blissful mornings

I am enjoying this product.

Great product

Works exactly as we expected. Easy to put together.

Remote and Motor Disaster

I purchased the flextop Cali King adjustable base. It came as 2 seperate bases. Very heavy! After less than 6 months the head raise button stopped working. New remotes were sent. Another 6 months or so, Same issue. They send me a new motor, no remotes and no installation! They say "we think it's the motor." I'm supposed to know how to add a new motor? Since it's over 1 year no tech support! Really! This issue was reported and not completely solved after 6 months. They seem nice until they have to really help you with their faulty equipment. Going to chuck it and buy one from sleep number! Waste of my money. Pray you have a better experience.

It's been a life saver!!

I really enjoy this mattress. It's firm enough to prevent sinking and twisting of your back yet still cushions the joints. I am recovering from many broken bones and I can finally get comfortable with the adjustable bed. It's so much more comfortable than the rented hospital bed.
Awesome price too!! I have all the bells and whistles and my bed still was a couple grand cheaper than my daughter's adjustable bed with the same options. Tyvm for quick shipping. It was quite easy to assemble. Overall, I'm a very happy customer.

Trial period of e3 base and 12” copper cool mattress

Mattress is very comfortable. However the base e3 is less than expected, with the limited movement or adjustments. I’m really enjoying the coolness and firmness of the mattress.

Beautiful looking

Bed is wonderful and looks beautiful . Just need an extra remote . One isn’t enough

Awesome & worth every penny

I just got a tempurpedic and the mattress salesperson recommended I get one of these, so I tried it out in the store. Seemed pretty useful. They were around $900 without the massage capability at the store.

This was significantly less, much more well built, and now that I have it, I wish I got it sooner. I dont spend much time in bed except to sleep, but this is really convenient to get your head at the perfect elevation.


This bed meets our needs. We ordered the split head, which is nice because it feels like a cohesive bed but our heads can adjust to preference. The bed itself is a memory foam feel. I thought it was too soft at first but realized it is perfectly medium/firm. I do wish we could feel more of the massage feature. You can feel it a little but it is not that strong. That is pretty much my only complaint.


Great affordable price for the quality!

I kind of expected a full wrap

Shame on me for not looking at it closer in the add on option. The protector is similar to a fitted sheet and only covers the tops and sides of the mattress. Fabric seems just fine.

Works as described

Quiet motor, smooth operation. The only complaint I have is with the packaging. Thin cardboard is an adequate for the weight. Two holes in the box when delivered by FedEx. Two tears in the covering. MOre cosmetic than functional.