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Headboard brackets

Did not fit as shown in diagram. Turned them around and made them work.

Blissful Nights e4 Premium Adjustable Bed Frame with Massage

Nice mattresses

Nice mattresses, very comfortable and just the right thickness.

So far so good

Best I've had in years

Very happy with purchase.

We like the bed and its features - very beneficial.

Everything is fine. We enjoy our beds. Our grandkids enjoy them so much, they might get 2 more. They are just perfect for us. Thanks

Blissfulnights e3 Adjustable Bed Base with Wireless Remote

Good Quality Frames

This is the 3rd adjustable frame I’ve bought from Blissful Night. In 18 months we have not had a problem. Good quality at a good price. The first frame I bought took almost a month to get to me. The last one I ordered took a couple of days. So they have really improved their delivery system. I highly recommend Blissful Nights.

Awesome Bed

Very nice bed when we got it the delivery Guys were very professional and friendly they showed us how to operate the bed as well we didn't even realize that it had massage on it but with my wife having spinal surgery May 17th it has been a Godsend I definitely recommend this bed if You are looking for a adjustable bed with or without the Massage

Blissfulnights z4 Zero Clearance Adjustable Bed Frame - Designed for Storage Beds

What A Super Bed Frame

What a nice bed and I love all the features. Programming was an issue for me as the instructions given do not seem to match perfectly with the bed. I was able to get both controllers working each side independently but the instructions say you can program each controller to be able to control either side or with a flip of a switch to synchronize and that I'll have to talk with support about. It is still a great value and I would purchase again

Excellent Adjustable Bed Frame!

5 Stars!
This frame is quality constructed, easy to set up, and simple, pleasant to use.
Features such as the light underneath, programmed positions are great.
Two people can unbox and setup in minutes. The zero gravity is wonderful for naps or back sleeping comfortably. Better breathing & back feels wonderful!!


I bought this mattress to go onto the adjustable base bedframe I bought for my hubby. It's very comfy and stable. I put ti on the base and it keep slipping off the base even with the little sticky bumps to help it from sliding on the base. Like I said there was know issue really but it will slide sometimes of the base. Overall I'm happy with my purchase.

I would prefer to give my feedback at least 6 months after sleeping in the bed. But I keep getting these reminders so I am giving my feedback right now.
I really like the bed, the adjustable part as well. The vibrating part wasn't and isn't a selling point at all for me. If fact when I get around to it I plan to unplug the vibrating motors as I am constantly accidently turning them on via the remote. Delivery was quick. Ordered on Friday received on Thursday. Mattress is comfortable. Right amount of support. Of course that is subjective to ones personnel taste. Ask me again in a year. I can let ya know how well things hold up. I did a custom installation. Mounting the frame to my platform bed. Had to do some cutouts for the cylinders. Not a big issue at all.

Great so far

Initially reluctant but took the plunge and glad we did. z4 Zero Clearance works well with our existing platform bed and Sleep on Latex mattress. Mechanism seems to work well. We hope it remains trouble free.

just wonderful!

We were surprised to be able to get the adjustable bed for a storage bed we had and we are thrilled to be able to use it. Easy to set up and nice and comfortable to have for our bed!

nice mattress

I love this mattress. I think my sleep improved . 9 inches thickness is enough.

Good quality

Adj. frame looks good and working perfect. No noise.

Wonderful experience!

My Ananda mattress is so classy. Adjustable frame setup was simple and operates quietly on demand. Very pleased with my purchase.

For the hubby

Nice base and mattress. Mattress likes to slip and slide off the base but not a problem I can't fix

12" copper gel

The mattress is pretty good. However, I prefer a firmer mattress. than medium firm and I could not find anything firmer than "Medium Firm" on the website.

Huge improvement to sleep!!

My wife suffers from a several health aliments that make it hard for her to get to sleep. We had a number comfort dual air bed, but she felt uncomfortable in it. I too was more in need in a lift at night due to acid reflux. This bed is amazing. My wife and I can find the perfect comfort positions and each night of sleep has only been getting better. The Zero Clearance adjustable bed frames and mattresses fit perfectly in what was originally our California King Water Bed Frame. I would say the biggest problem now is having to leave it in the morning (wink).

High Five

We purchased this bed for a motorhome and have slept on it for about a week. It has worked very well for our application.