Adjustable Bed Voice Command - Alexa Enabled and Google Home

Bring Voice Control automation to your adjustable bed with our wifi adapter. Interact with your adjustable bed base easily. "Alexa tell my base to go flat" , "Alexa tell by base to go zero gravity"

Requires an Alexa or Google Home device and WIFI connectivity. 

Only works with Blissful Nights V1, V3, V8 adjustable bed. One WIFI adapter and Device is required for each side of the base for Split King applications.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tony Colombo
it's cool and functions but it's just ok

the functionality is there got it working with app it's not totally smooth but it works . instructions did not exist here is a link to setup
note!!! read very carefully it is not a typical intuitive setup of a smart device. quick idea you download ergo wifi. put the device in pairing mode by holding both up and down foot buttons. open app add the bed and put in your wifi info the module will connect to. then connect to the needing wifi wait for the beeps to change maybe a min. then connect back to your wifi go back to the app and bind the bed to the app. it's clunky to setup but it works. if you want to setup with google assistant you need to search ergomotion in the assistant app and add it if you use Google home it will not show in home but it will interface with the assistant so you tell the assistant to talk to ergomotion. I should write a public article becuase there is no info from blissfullnights how to set it up also see link below

McKinley Evans
Worth the price!

So glad I purchased this adjustable bed! My wife broke quite a number of ribs recently falling down a flight of stairs! Saying she was in pain does that do her justice! I bought the bed thinking it would help her sleep at night and boy was I right!

Joseph Bromme
Alexa for the bed

I got the controller to work great, but there was no instructions in the box or on their website. I had to go through the review/comments to get it setup. Please fix this, put something on your website or something.

Charlene McLean
Two Queen size Adjustable Base Bed

It's been about two weeks since I received the queen size adjustable base bed and I am satisfied. It's a bit heavy and needs two people to install them; however, they were worth the wait. I put one in my guest room and one in my room. I have severe back, knee and feet pains; thus, far the massage on the adjustable base beds assist me in releasing some of those pain after physical therapy. I am praying that they continue to meet my needs. It's only been two weeks. Written 01/03/21

Totally worth the money

Anything you use that costs one dollar per day or less is more than worth it in my book. The payback on this adjustable bedframe is less than 2 years. I am very happy I bought it simply for the television watching feature. I like the Alexa application even though it is kind of kludgy to use.

If you can put together IKEA furniture this product is super easy by comparison.

How to setup your Blissfulnights Adjustable Bed Base

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