How to Attach a Headboard to an Adjustable Bed Frame

How to Attach a Headboard to an Adjustable Bed Frame

A well-chosen headboard can be the centerpiece of your bedroom, adding style, elegance and a personal touch to your space. But how do you attach it to an adjustable bed frame? This article will guide you through the process step by step.

Adjustable bed frames are becoming increasingly popular due to their comfort and versatility. Yet, one question that often arises is whether attaching a headboard to such a frame is possible. The answer is yes! You can easily attach nearly any headboard to your adjustable base with the right tools and instructions.

Tools Needed

Generally, you'll need the following tools:

  • Power Drills
  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws (included with the headboard or purchased separately)
  • Universal adaptors or headboard brackets (if not included with the bed frame)

Step-by-step Guide

#1. Understand Your Bed Frame

To start, check if your adjustable bed frame has headboard brackets. Not all bases come with them. If yours doesn't, don't worry—you can purchase a compatible headboard bracket set. These sets typically include bracket channels, nuts, bolts, and washers.

Note that while the kit usually has bolts for attaching the bracket to the base, it might not include bolts for attaching the headboard itself. Often, those bolts come with the headboard, but ensure they fit the bracket's holes. You can find compatibility information in the bed's instructions or by contacting customer service.

#2. Check The Attachment of the Headboard

Even if you have a headboard bracket, there's more to consider before installing the headboard. Check the bracket type—it could be "bolt-on" with drilled holes or "hook-on" with specific slots. Bolt-on brackets require bolts through drilled holes, and the hole's diameter determines the bolt size for a secure attachment. Choose the setup you prefer when purchasing the bracket.

#3. Prepare for Attachment

When attaching the headboard, ensure the bed area is clear in your bedroom and raise the head of the adjustable bed for easier attachment. Gather your tools and headboard kit beforehand and consider having a second person to assist with lining up bed frame parts and securing the headboard.

#4. Attach the Brackets

  1. Secure the headboard bracket channels to the base, attaching the bracket flange to these channels.
  2. Adjust the brackets to maintain a 1 ½ to 2-inch clearance from the bed's edge, preventing friction between the mattress and headboard during adjustments.
  3. Use a wrench to tighten the bolts to secure both brackets and flanges.

Always refer to the instructions for any specific variations on these steps.

#5. Align and Secure Mounting Holes

Measure the distance between the headboard’s mounting holes and the slits serving as the headboard flanges’ mounting holes. Adjust and secure the flanges if they don't align to ensure proper fitting.

#6. Attach the Headboard

After aligning the headboard’s holes with the brackets, insert bolts to secure the headboard, then tighten them for stability.

But that’s not all. Lower the adjustable bed to its flat position, ensuring a 1 ½ to 2-inch clearance between the headboard and the base for the mattress. For safety, check that there is only 1 to 3 inches of space between the mattress’s surface and the bottom of the headboard, especially if small children are present, to prevent entrapment when the bed is flat.

#7. Test Stability

After attaching the headboard for adjustable bed frame, check for stability by gently pushing or applying pressure to the headboard. Ensure it’s securely fastened to the bed frame and doesn’t wobble or shift.

#8. Finishing Touches

If there are visible screws or hardware after attaching the headboard, consider using cover caps or decorative elements to conceal them, providing a polished look to your bed frame.

#9. Safety Precautions

Ensure that all attachment points are securely fastened to prevent any accidents. Regularly inspect the headboard attachments to the bed frame to maintain stability and safety.

Enjoy Your Enhanced Bed Setup

With the headboard successfully attached, take pleasure in your adjustable bed frame's enhanced aesthetics and functionality. Experiment with different styles and bedding to complement the new addition to your sleeping space.


Can an adjustable bed frame be used without a headboard?

Yes, using an adjustable bed frame without a headboard is feasible, although adding a headboard might enhance comfort.

How long does it take to set up an adjustable bed?

Typically, assembling an adjustable base takes around twenty minutes. Follow the comprehensive instructions in the package.

Can you use my existing headboard with an adjustable bed?

Most headboards are compatible with adjustable bases. You can attach your headboard to the adjustable base using headboard brackets or keep them separate. Alternatively, a floating headboard eliminates the need for a bed frame.

Can I store things under an adjustable bed?

Yes, most adjustable beds provide space to store things. Some might find it more convenient than traditional frames, allowing easy access by lifting the mattress. However, items stored underneath may obstruct under-bed lighting if your base has this feature.

What's the best way to attach a headboard to an adjustable bed frame?

The ideal way depends on your headboard and frame type. Common methods include using L-brackets, headboard brackets, or short screws for secure attachment.

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