V2.5 Adjustable Bed Frame - Headboard & Foot Board Brackets

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Headboard & Foot board Bracket for our Adjustable bed frame V2.5 (PURCHASED AFTER JULY 2020) - Please contact our customer service prior to purchasing if you have any questions.

FITS (V1- Premium Adjustable Bed Frame, V2 - Wireless Adjustable Bed Frame, Ananda Head Tilt)

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Worked Great

I received the brackets and instructions and the brackets were installed in minutes worked great for me


V2.5 Adjustable Bed Frame - Headboard & Foot Board Brackets

What we have been looking for

these worked fine. we have been looking for quite some time and so glad we found these, the customer service it also very good


I have not installed it yet... so no comment

Solid when connected to bed, screws are a problem and there are duplicate parts

When connected to the bed frame, the brackets provide a very solid support for the rest. There are some issues with this kit, though:
You get TWO pairs of brackets - one pair is for Queen beds, both pairs are for King. It would be cheaper and less wasteful to have just a kit for Queen beds and double the kit for King beds.

The nuts are difficult to screw onto the screws without the proper wrenches (you need two). The screws are very long, and interfered with the socket wrenches I used - I could only tighten the nut half way before the screw hit the back of the socket.

Using two adjustable crescent wrenches, I was able to tighten the nuts in a very tight space. The nuts are self locking, which made the going even tougher.

The instructions should make it clear that wrenches are required.

How to setup your Blissfulnights Adjustable Bed Base

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